The templates below allow printing on the front of the Bookmarks only.
Click the button or text below to print on the back of the Bookmark.


Find desired layout below and click on the picture or text to go to that template.

There are Five different layout out styles
for the front of Lamcraft bookmarks.

Please choose the desired layout below by clicking on the picture or the text below.

(allows printing on the top of the bookmark only)

Top Design

Middle (allows printing in the middle of the bookmark only)

Middle Design
Bottom (allows printing on the bottom of the bookmark only)

Bottom Design
Full (allows printing on the whole bookmark)

Full Design

Top and Bottom (allows printing on the top and bottom of the bookmark only)

Top and Bottom Design

Personalized Blank Lamcraft Bookmarks
Some regular bookmarks can be personalized with a picture
but the user will need to determine if there is room on the bookmark.

Oval Design


Square Design