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New Enhancements
All templates that have these new enhancements will be marked

*New Enhanced templates

See enhancements below.

Version 6.1
1. Added the GCO Kim Norlien interior.

Version 6.0
1. There is now over 60 Register Book Interiors in the program with the following added options
    a. All fonts can now be changed in one process, subheadings etc.
    b. All subheadings now match the headings font and style and can be edited
    c. All flap templates can now be used on smaller printers by folding over the flap to print it
    d. The flap page now allows two lines of type per line.
    e. All text boxes are linked to speed up data entry
    f. The phrase "Replace Text" was removed from all lines, just click on the line to type
    g. Many extras like printing the picture of the deceased on the Relatives and Friends page
... and much more

Version 5.4
1. Fixed the custom verse template for the personalized no tab prayer card template.

Version 5.3
1. Added the EMBO interior templates
2. Added the ability to print engraved acknowledgment cards

Version 5.2
1. Added over 75 verses to the Prayer Card, Service Record, Church Bulletin, and Bookmark templates.
2. These verses can be modified by changing fonts, color, and changing the actual verse if needed.
3. You can now save your custom verses in a library, so they can be accessed later in any of the templates
3. Updated all instructions to include Microsoft Word 2007.
4. Fixed issue with the funeral home imprint not being center on some templates after inserting a image in the setup file instead of typing the imprint.
5. Added the ability to print the Box Set Picture Frames.
6. Added the ability to print the land of the Free Register Book AFO interior.
7. Fixed the Mothers and the Irish Blessings Prayer.
8. Fixed the custom Prayer Card template with no tab.

Version 4.5
1. Funeral Home imprint setup file, type imprint once and it will link to all templates!
2. No more copying and pasting, type information once in templates, click duplicate and all fields will fill in automatically!
3.Added toolbar buttons to aid in easier adjustment for printing alignment!
4. Service information headings are added to all Service Folder templates,
to aid in a quicker design process!

More to come...

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